Shivangi Reja

A Sip of PositiviTEA with Coach Shivangi

Transform, Enrich, Ascend

Boost your positivity quotient to elevate performance and happiness in life


Shivangi Reja

Stuck in a stress cycle, struggling through life’s challenges? Is negativity curbing your potential? Are you looking for long-term happiness and fulfillment?
Discover the transformative remedy in ‘Sip of POSITIVITEA.’ Coach Shivangi presents a roadmap to elevating your Positivity Quotient (PQ) and revolutionizing your outlook by pivoting your mindset. This book unveils proven techniques to boost your positivity, empowering you to embrace life’s possibilities.

Through relatable stories, scientific insights, and actionable strategies, you’ll master resilience and self-discovery.
Prepare to amplify your performance and happiness as you sip from the cup of positivity. ‘Sip of POSITIVITEA’ is your key to rewriting your narrative, fostering a life of achievement and boundless joy. Your path to an enriched, thriving future begins now.