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Connecting DOTS

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Shivangi Reja

Connecting DOTS is a vision that emerged from the overarching aspirations of a girl, Shivangi, who questions the concept of ‘one life, one career.’ Society, on the other hand, expects her to settle for one inclination. Is it necessary to have only one true calling?Will she be able to give life its true meaning and balance while working as an entrepreneur, educator, and career counsellor, as well as being a diligent wife and mother of two children?

She carries a profound desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others by sharing her own insights. Through interesting factoids, real-life events, and stories, Shivangi discloses and takes readers on a journey of her life to help them conquer their mental blockages.

Connecting Dots enlightens the path of transformation for all; students, parents, educators, and everyone else interested in discovering a better You!

Get set to boost your confidence, productivity and happiness!

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