Shivangi Reja

To Young Minds,

…with LOVE

13 contemplative stories for young minds to kindle compassion and growth in life


Shivangi Reja

A unique collection of 13 short stories emphasizing the importance of life skills such as Gratitude, Persistence, Mindfulness and Resilience: which are fundamental to surviving and thriving in life. You will gain new insight that will allow you to evaluate and progress in life.
This rare anthology is the diligent attempt made by two conscientious educators and parents named Shivangi and Radhika to collaborate with the sole intention of raising children with compassionate and reflective

perspectives toward everything around them. So, one thing is certain: these stories will have a long-lasting impact on the minds of young readers.
Although this book is intended for young readers, people of all ages will find it interesting. Children and adults will be drawn to the fascinating and moving tales. With the help of this book, you can let your thoughts wander, bringing forth your inner child as you go into a contemplative state.

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