Shivangi Reja

Unleash the Power Within!

Shivangi helps housewives and professional women of all ages who want to focus on their personal development goals and create a ripple effect that will have a positive impact on their career, wellbeing and relationships.

She coaches ambitious females to maximize their beliefs, habits, mindset, and lifestyle so they may build a high-performing, aligned, and extraordinary life and career.

Join her to become the most confident, impactful and effective leader and professional you can be.

Whom do I coach?

Women who

are struggling to find their purpose in life.
feel that they are missing out on something.
are struggling to achieve their goals.
are seeking a career change or a lifestyle change.
are overwhelmed with personal problems.

What problems do I solve for you?

Provide Clarity and Direction

Identify your personal or professional goals

Discovering your Values

What qualities you wish to cultivate in your life and at work

Understanding your Strengths & Weaknesses

A self-assessment of your current skill set and career position

Goal Setting

How to set achievable realistic goals that translate into viable action to supercharge your career

Enhance your personal power


Find happiness and mastery of leading a balanced life through the inner workings of the mind

What will you achieve?

Through my courses, you‘ll be able to...

Learn transformative new mindsets, behaviors and steps that propel you forward, address "failure" and open exciting new doors that weren’t available to you before.

Heal what’s been holding you back from the past, and emerge stronger and more confident and resilient.

Gain clarity, direction and positive power to finally create work as you want it, based on your authentic values, beliefs, and visions – not someone else’s idea of happiness and success.

Change how you operate so you can experience the right mindset to see yourself differently, communicate more confidently, network effectively and THRIVE to succeed in the most fulfilling way possible.